Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Have you received a friend request or friend suggestion from a really hot guy/girl? Would you like to check to see if its a FAKE PROFILE created by some scumbag promoter or scammer? I've created this page to help you.

First, be suspicious if:
1) They only have one picture
2) Their birthplace isn't in the India.
3) Their profile has conflicting information.
4) They are friends with tons of people you know but no one knows him/her.

Use the NEW Google Image Search to check for FAKE PROFILE PICS:
1) Go to the suspected profile.
2) Click on the profile picture then click the thumbnail to enlarge it.
3) At this point, the picture is probably inside a transparent Facebook dialog box. You'll need to refresh your browser so the page reloads the picture. Once the page has reloaded, right-click  the picture and select "view image". This will be the actual URL of the image. COPY this URL. (I use Firefox, other browsers may work differently)

Alternatively, you can use Facebook's "download" image link to download the image to your computer. Then you can upload it to Google Image Search.

5) In the box where you normally enter what to search for, you'll see a little camera icon at the right. Click it.
6) When you click the camera icon, you'll get the option to PASTE the URL of the suspected photo or UPLOAD it from your computer.
7) Once the search results are displayed, SCROLL DOWN past the "similar" photos to see if the EXACT SAME photo has been found on porn sites, college humor sites, blogs, or other profiles.

If you find that the profile is in fact using pictures from other sites, go back to the fake profile, scroll down until you see the "Report/Block" link in the left column and use it to REPORT whatever idiot created the profile. NOTE: Some people have legitimate reasons to have their pictures on other web sites. Usually this is pretty obvious because they will have the same name, etc.

I use Firefox as my default browser. Other browsers may work differently when you are trying to get the URL of the image. Please leave me comments on how I can improve this page.


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