Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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Today I am here to discuss How to download updates of Kaspersky  product from the official website of Kaspersky.Before this post .Here I am telling you How to download updates manually from the Kaspersky official website.Some times we need updates of our Kaspersky product after format our computer system If you update your antivirus online with the help of your kaspersky antivirus.It may take a long time to update. So you don’t go for this option.You can update your Kaspersky antivirus manually if you have backup of last updates files.But you have no backup.So you have only one option that you go for download updates from Kespersky website.But you will say that there is no option of download updates on Kaspersky website.

No need to worry I am here to give you solution of this problem.Few people know about this option on Kaspersky website.OK.I am telling you about that option so that you can download manually updates. Download Manually updates:- Follow these instruction:-
  • Go to this link where you get option to download of updates.
  • Go to the option »Kaspersky Lab manual antivirus bases update (in ZIP archive)  
  • Click on the given link of this option.
  • After click on the link you will see like this page.
  • If you want to download Updates from starting that click on first file.
  • If  you want to download only latest update that find latest date in the given link and click on latest link.
  • If you want to download only last one weak updates than find weakly updates and download.

After download these files.Install these files in to their product.


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