Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HTML & Java Script Virus Can hack your Facebook account. :(

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Once again I am here with a new virus information that can hack your Facebook account.This is a virus based on HTML and Java scripts.This virus came into your system from the porn,phishing and fake websites.Script of this virus works after the log in of Facebook account and redirect your Facebook account on a fake page looking like a application page of the Facebook. Yesterday I am using my friends laptop then I faced this virus firstly.When I log in my account after few sec. my Facebook account redirect on a application page.First time when this happened I thing I click on any application url by mistake so this page opened.I am just click on back button and my Facebook home page again opened.But after few sec my home page again redirect on that page.This time i check URL of that page.Url of that page like I understand the whole condition that this is due to a virus. After that I worked on this virus and I allow that virus to hack my account and send my password to its master. After 2 hour master of that virus got my password and he/she open my Facebook account. I check the location of  login and according to Facebook notification on my email account was  "********"

Lets discuss about this virus :-
How this virus works..??
This virus download in to your computer from fake sites,Porn sites and phishing blogs and sites.This virus also came in to system by using fake application of Facebook.This virus added a extension(hidden) in to your browser.This is a script that activate when you log in your account on Facebook.When you log in your Facebook account this virus activated itself after few seconds of log in.After activation, This virus redirect you on a fake blog address like page is looking like a Facebook application page.This page show a dialog box with a message "No Survey are Available Now". Some time This virus redirect you on a page that shown a message that this link is infected with html/script virus.During the redirect time this virus added a application in to your Facebook account that can use your account to post a url on your profile and your friends profile. Once you redirected, your account may be access by this virus and application of this virus find your password If your password is weak than send to that person who create this virus and fake webpage.

How to protect your Facebook account from this virus:-
  • Who are not infected with this virus till now -
Firstly I am talking about those users who are not infected till now but they want to take precautions about this virus so that your Facebook account became protected.Follow these instructions :-
  1. Update your Antivirus.
  2. Update your Browser.
  3. Clear your cookies and history after log off your account using Ctrl+Shift+Del.
  4. Delete your temporary files For doing this Go to Run(Windows key+R) Type %Temp% and press enter A new window will  open,select all the files and delete them.
  5. Install a internet security antivirus if you are using only virus.
  6. Check the URL before log in on any social networking sites.
  7. Never follow the links which say that you win bla bla bla....
  8. If you are using application of Facebook then check the terms & conditions of that application that what kind of information of your profile is used by this application.And also check the URL when you allow to access your information.At this time your link looking like*******
  9. If you are using torrent sites then download any file after sure that this is correct file which you want to download.
  10. Never go on XXX or porn websites.
  • Who are already infected with this virus:-
If your Facebook account is infected with this virus then follow these instructions to protected your account from this virus:
  1. Log in your Facebook(don't use that system which is infected) and Go to account settings then go to security settings then go to active sessions If there is another activity then end that activity.
  2. Go to secure browsing Option and enable secure browsing.
  3. Then go to login Notification Option enable both option(Email& Text message/Push notification).
  4. Now go to the Apps settings.And remove the application which is not used by you.
  5. And now go to Change your password.(Never change the password before follow these instructions).
  6. Delete the links which is posted by the application on your profile and your friends profile.
  7. Follow the instructions which is for non infected users.
  8. Scan your whole computer.
Now your account is safe. :) :) :) :) If now any one use your account then you get a notification on your mobile and email account.If you get like this notification Just go to your email account  and follow the link and instruction of that email. Enjoy.....!!!



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