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What is the Koobface virus????

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Today we discuss about a malware “koobface virus”. In the present time you have seen that many of infected links and videos received in to the our social networking sites. Which says to install some type security software and flash player. And if you have received videos they dare you to open. These videos seems like sex videos so every one hit the click on it and a error shows “FLASH PLAYER NOT FOUND”. And then this virus sends malicious links to your friends and connected mails and accounts to infected them. Lets know in detail about this virus….

What is the koobface virus?????

Koobface is a computer worm that targets Facebook and other social networking websites. It spreads on Facebook by posting spammy messages on behalf of people.This virus can infected the Microsoft Windows OS, Mac OS X and also work on linux( in limited fashion).This virus firstly get your social network login data and send link to your friends and other connected accounts. And finally this virus infected successfully your computer to gather login information of FTP sites and your other social networking sites and platforms.This virus is not attack for finical data.After that this virus make the peer-to-peer connection with  compromised computers to send and receive the commands and install additional malware in to your system. :When your friend’s facebook account infected this virus than their account send to you a link in to your message box or posted on your wall like this:

Koobface virus post on a wall of facebook

These messages contain a link, which will prompt you to download and install a newer version of Adobe Flash player. However, this download actually contains a malicious file that, once opened, uses your Facebook account to continue posting this malicious link on your behalf, thus spreading the virus. 

Who can be affected by Koobface?

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS x
  • Linux (Limited fashion)

What does Koobface do?

  Before the infection of your system this virus send the malicious links to your friends and posted them on your friends wall with your name.
 Once your computer infected:
  • You might receive pop ups asking you to install “security software” which is fraudulent.
  • Websites you visit through Google might be replaced with fake websites, making money for the bad guys.
  • If you develop websites, passwords to your website can be stolen by the virus.
What can I do if I think my computer has been infected with Koobface?
  1. To detect and remove Koobface and other malicious software that may have been installed on your computer, run a full-system scan with an up-to-date antivirus product.
  2. Reset all of your online passwords
  3. Keeping your account secure.
What can I do to protect my account from Koobface?
  • Here are a few simple suggestions for keeping your account secure:
  • Only download software from websites you know and trust. Always check and verify the URL.
  • Enable a firewall on your computer.
  • Make sure you have an up-to-date web browser equipped with an anti-phishing blacklist.
  • Use up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Get the latest computer updates for all your installed software.
  • Be careful when clicking on links that you receive unexpectedly from your friends.
  • Make sure you’ve setup a security question on all of your online accounts. This will come in handy if you ever lose access and need to prove who you are. You can set a security question on your Facebook account from your Account Settings page.
This is all about the koobface virus. I hope you like this post.
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