Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bypassing mac address filters

Hello friends...!!!

In this hack I’m going to explain to u how to bypass wifi mac address filters and access the internet for free.first of all u need to download this mac address changer software from here

Then you install it.After get connected to a wifi network protected by a mac address filter.When connected you launch the software and you scan all the computers in that network.The scanning operation would give you all the computers in that network and the computers connected to copy a computer’s mac address and paste it in the empty box above you wifi NIC adapter and then click to change the mac address.after that you world need to restart the connection and then connect to it again for it to accept the new mac address and then open your browser and to be sure it has succeed the default browser page opens automatically if not so then you chose a different mac address and repeat the step above again.


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