Monday, May 12, 2014

Be careful with VLC Player

VLC Player user ? - Be Cautious 

VLC is one of the popular media players we use in our PC/laptops. The uniqueness of VLC lies in its ability to rise volume two times than any other player .

vlc player

You can rise volume twice than normal sound your speaker can produce with normal players. Its not a problem in the case of your PC with external speaker system but in case of Laptops you should be careful since Laptops used to have inbuilt sound system.

When you use VLC player with laptops, there is a chance VLC may spoil your speakers. So better to use VLC with low sound in case of Laptops.

You also should remember a risk with VLC players "You cannot claim warranty for speaker damage in laptop from your manufacturer if you use VLC player". 

So be cautious with VLC ..!  


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