Monday, May 12, 2014

Why Screen Savers are No Longer Necessary

Screen Savers - No Longer Necessary

Screen Savers are believed by many computer users which can save their computer power and increase their battery life but now experts are saying Screen Savers are no long necessary .

Before analyzing the reason we should understand why Screen Savers are introduced first. 

Screen Savers

History of Screen Savers

Old computers are equipped with CRT monitors which uses cathode rays and electrons to display .

But the biggest problem with CRT monitors is " burn in " .You may experienced one thing, even if you turned off your computer CRT monitor you will see the image for some time in screen . i.e When you are watching a certain thing in CRT monitors for particular time they will get burnt into the display .

To overcome this problem, Screen Savers are introduced which change the screen frequently with some animation works so no chance for same image to display for long period of time which prevent burn in of CRT Monitors.

But No CRT 's now then why Screen Savers ?

Today there is a drastic improvement in usage of LCD and LED monitors and slowly CRT monitors are leaving their market to latest technology displays .

LCD and LED monitors don't have the problem of " burn in " hence there is no need for Screen Savers.

But still people are using Screen Savers since they believe Screen Savers can save their power consumption and increase battery life .

Screen Saver - Is really a power saving technique ?

Simply No !

Screen Savers need your display work continuously and for displaying high animation they also equip graphic memory so in no way they are gonna save your power consumption. 

Modern OS and Monitors support features to turn off your display when not in use which would reduce our power consumption as well.



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